The focus of our program is to improve lives through quality education in Public Health and Social Work

“I think trauma is the link between majority of the work that social workers and public health practitioners do. If you work with people, you work with trauma; that’s just how it is, whether you are a counselor or health policy maker.”- Lauren Kroening, MPH/MSW ’16——Quote from a student 


Program Overview

The school of Social Work and the Department of Public Health Sciences offers a Dual Master of social work (MSW) and Master of Public Health (MPH) in Community Health Education.

These two programs complement each other. Public Health focuses on  population of people and is highly analytical and Social work focuses on individuals, groups and communities within the social environment. Additionally, both programs  emphasize cross cultural content in classes and have an emphasis on social justice.

Many students find this combined degree appealing, particularly if they are interested  in community development and outreach. Students from other countries and students who have served in the peace cops find that this degree furthers their interest and career in international service.

Separately, the MSW and  MPH degree require a total of 108 credit hours (48 for the MPH +60 for the MSW). However the dual MSW/MPH program can be completed with a total of only 96 credit hours.

The MSW/MPH Dual Degree Course of Study lists the required courses. Please refer to the current Graduate Catalog for all requirements for both degrees and be sure to maintain close communication with your designated faculty adviser from each program.

Pursuing the MSW/MPH

Students interested in pursuing the joint degree program must :

  1. Prepare and submit separate admissions applications to both programs
  2. Notify each program in writing of the intent to complete the Dual degree program
  3. Be officially admitted to both degree programs
  4. Notify the NMSU Graduate school of the intent to complete the dual degree program
  5. Complete all course requirements for both degree programs, typically completed in 3 full years
  6. Complete a combined comprehensive final exam for both  degree programs

If you are interested in pursuing this option please contact you MSW academic adviser: Emma Orta

Dr Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome, MSW program coordinator or the MPH adviser for dual degree students Dr Sue Forster-Cox,

Professor/Online Coordinator
Email;; Office:CHSS 327


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