Graduate Admission

Application Procedures for Graduate Students


Application to the NMSU Graduate School and MPH program/Graduate Certificate is a single application.   All applicants must apply to and be accepted by the NMSU Graduate School before they can be accepted to the MPH program or the Graduate Certificate. Please note that on the application you will have a choice of programs;  the MPH Community Health Education on-campus MPH;  the MPH Community Health Education online, the MPH Heath Management, Administration & Policy (HMAP) On-campus/Online (Public Health Core classes are taken on-campus–the HMAP specialization are taken online);  the MPH HMAP (both Public Health Core and the HMAP Specialization are taken online);  the Graduate Certificate in Public Health  Online Format;  or the Graduate Certificate in Public Health on-campus. Please see below for application deadlines. NOTE:  Regardless of the program you enter you are required to attend the MPH orientation scheduled prior to the beginning of classes in August (more specific dates will be sent after your acceptance).  In addition, for admitted students receiving a graduate assistantship both the department and the graduate school will have their own mandatory orientation (Graduate School typically hosts their orientation on the Monday prior to classes).

We only accept students for Fall semester.

Application Deadlines (Use this FORM to help you with the protocol):

  • The deadline for the MPH CHE on-campus program is February 15 (for people who are interested in being considered for a graduate assistantship).

    • For those not needing an assistantship, there is a ‘final’ chance application of April 1.
  • Deadline for the MPH CHE online, MPH HMAP, and Graduate Certificate (both on-campus and online) is March 15.
  • Graduate Assistantship applications are due March 1.

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the review process, however, the Graduate School will require official transcripts showing completion of the undergraduate degree prior to admittance.


Non-Degreed/Non-Declared Students:  Students who have been admitted to the graduate school are permitted to take graduate level courses (pending departmental protocol).  For those who are non-degreed/non-declared students, the MPH program offers a variety of courses they can take.  Note that most of the MPH courses are restricted to MPH students only.  However, MPH 500 and any of the MPH 56X series are available for any student to complete. Some additional courses may be available pending class enrollment.  If you are a non-degreed student contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Robinson ( to register for courses.

It should also be noted that any courses taken prior to being admitted to the MPH program must be petitioned into the program once accepted.  It should be further noted that not all graduate level courses will necessarily be transferred.  For more information, contact Dr. Robinson.



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