Syllabi (Graduate)

400 level descriptions

500 level descriptions


Course No. Course Name
HLS 450 Epidemiology
HLS 451 Biometrics and Health Research
HLS 452 Environmental Health
HLS 453 Occupational Health
HLS 454 Environmental Epidemiology
HLS 457 Administration of Health Programs
HLS 458 Public Health Resources & Policy Analysis
HLS 459 Infectious and Noninfectious Disease 


HLS 460 American Indian Health
HLS 461 Health Communication With Hispanic 


HLS 462 Hispanic Health Issues
HLS 463 Interdisciplinary Seminar
HLS 464V Cross‐Cultural Aspects of Health
HLS 465 International Health Problems
HLS 466 International Health Practicum
HLS 467 Rural Health Issues
HLS 468 Coping Loss & Grief: A Cross‐Cultural Perspective
HLS 469 US‐Mexico Border Health Issues
HLS 471 Resources and Computer Applications in
Health Education
HLS 473 Health Program Planning
HLS 475 Methods of Community Health Education
HLS 476 Theoretically-Based Interventions
HLS 477 Worksite Health Promotion
HLS 478 Health Program Evaluation and Research
HLS 481 AIDS and Public Health Practice and Policy
HLS 484 Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Control
HLS 491 Mind-Body Health and Complementary 

and Alternative Medicine

HLS 492 Health Care of the Aged
HLS 496 Field Experience
HLS 497 Seminar
HLS 499 Problems in Health Education
MPH 500 Orientation To Public Health
MPH 510 Community and Psychosocial Aspects of Public Health
MPH 520 Biostatistical Applications in Public Health
MPH 530 Epidemiological Approaches to Disease 

Control and Prevention

MPH 540 Public Health Service Design andOperation
MPH 550 Environmental Public Health Issues
MPH 570 Foundations of Public Health Education
MPH 572 Techniques of Health Communication/Education
MPH 573 Community Organization in Public Health
MPH 574 Program Planning, Evaluation, and 


MPH 576 Theoretically-Based Interventions
MPH 579 Research and Resources in Community 


MPH 596 Field Experience
MPH 597 Seminar
GERO 415 Introduction to Gerontology
GERO 450 Health Promotion for the Elderly
GERO 451 Aging and Public Policy
GERO 456 Biological Aspects of Aging
GERO 493 Adulthood and Aging
GERO 494 Aging in a Multicultural Society


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