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New Mexico State University
Department of Public Health Sciences
MPH Accredited by CEPH; BCH Approved by SABPAC

Participate in Research

Greetings.  As you know, NMSU is a research institution.  Our program in public health is in critical need to assess your attitudes, knowledge and beliefs about numerous health-related issues.  This page lists current research activities that are requesting participation by completing such surveys.  Typically, these surveys take about 10-15 minutes.

If you are doing this as part of a class assignment, note that you can print the last page of the survey to give to your instructor as evidence of your participation.

Thanks.  And remember, all of these are strictly voluntary and anonymous.

Study 1: Violence, Stress and Alcohol Consumption [click here] [IRB approved until 8/15/13]

Study Two: College Student Lifestyle Survey [IRB Approved until December 2013]

Mark J. Kittleson, PhD
Professor and Academic Head
Public Health Sciences

This page last updated on March 6, 2013