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New Mexico State University
Department of Public Health Sciences
MPH Accredited by CEPH; BCH Approved by SABPAC


Our Mission:  To provide academic, professional, and service excellence in preparing public health professionals who will demonstrate competent leadership, innovation, and technical expertise at local, state, national levels, with particular emphasis along the U.S./Mexico border, tribal, and rural health communities.

Our Values: The MPH program, specifically its mission, goals, objectives, and curricular elements, is grounded in a set of core values that reflect the importance of health to the citizens of the southwest border region.

We Believe:

  • Good Health, and the quality of life that it brings, is essential to human existence.
  • New Mexico’s proximity to the Mexico border means that public health practice in South – Central New Mexico has international and multicultural implications.
  • Public health programs can improve health status and reduce health disparities in the Southern New Mexico region.

Our Goals:

    • Prepare competent professionals who have the essential knowledge and skills for advanced public health education, advocacy and practice with diverse populations.
      • Prepare competent professionals who have the essential knowledge and skills for advanced health management, administration, policy and practice with diverse populations.
      • Conduct ethically and scientifically sound research/demonstration projects to promote, protect, improve, and /or restore the health of diverse populations.
      • Provide opportunities for graduate students and faculty to participate in service activities that benefit the university, communities in New Mexico, and professional associations throughout the southwest, the county and international venues.

      This page last updated on October 23, 2014