Feel free to contact any of these alums.

Crystal Begay, MS, CHES

“NMSU is a great place for growth and support. The professors and instructors, especially in CHSS, are always raising the bar and being an excellent example for their students. I am truly grateful to continue to have their support and guidance today, just like I received while at NMSU. ”

(Class of 2005)

Travis C. Leyva

Disease Prevention Program Manager
New Mexico Department of Health
Phone:  575-528-5031

“My experience with the Health Science Department at NMSU was very straightforward and enjoyable which allowed me to succeed in my coursework and set the foundation to my career in Public Health.  I currently manage the Disease Prevention and Community Collaborative Care Programs for the Public Health Division – Region 5.  I always seek prospective students to complete their field experience with my programs in order to obtain first hand knowledge of Public Health, but also as way for me to give back to the Health Science program.”

(BCH 2004)

Amanda Gallivan, MPH, CHES

Health Educator at NMSU Campus Health Center


“The undergraduate (BCH) and graduate (MPH) programs were both great programs to be a part of. They provided me with many opportunities to grow as a student and also an individual.  This accredited program gave me the education, experience and resources I needed to to land the perfect job. If you would like to know more about my experience from either program, please feel free to contact me.”

Bianca Zamora, MPH

Care Coordinator
Presbyterian Health Plan


“If I had to sum up my experiences in the MPH program at NMSU, it would have to be memorable. Not only did I learn valuable aspects related to the public health field from my professors, I also gained long life friendships in the process.”

(MPH Class of 2011)


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