MPH Requirements

The MPH Program includes a minimum of 42 credits. All student are required to take 15 core credits; 18 concentration credits; 3 cultural foundation credits, and 3 field experience credits.

In addition, students in the Community Health Education emphasis can elect to take either the thesis or the non-thesis option requirements. The thesis option includes 6 credits of thesis coursework and completion of a graduate thesis document. The non-thesis option includes 3 elective credits and the completion of a comprehensive examination, typically in the third or fourth semester.

Students in the Health Management and Policy emphasis must take the non-thesis option.

Final examination for the thesis option consists of an oral defense of the thesis and related course work; final examination for the non- thesis option includes a comprehensive exam with both oral and written questions pertaining to the student’s graduate course work. Additional information on these options is contained in the Graduate Catalog and MPH Graduate Handbook.

Requirements (required of all MPH students)

I. Public Health Core Courses (15 credits)

MPH 510 Community and Pyschosocial Aspects of Public Health
MPH 520 Biostatistical Applications in Public Health
MPH 530 Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Control and Prevention
MPH 540 Health Services System: Administration and Organization
MPH 550 Environmental Public Health Issues


II: Concentration (18 credits)

Community Health Education Courses (18 credits)

MPH 570 Foundations of Public Health Education
MPH 572 Techniques of Health Communication/Education
MPH 573 Community Organization in Public Health
MPH 574 Health Program Planning
MPH 578 Evaluative Approaches in Public Health
MPH 579 Research and Resources in Community Health


Health Management, Administration and Policy Courses (18 credits)

MPH 541 Principles of Health Program Management
MPH 545 Health Services Organization and Delivery
MPH 546 Public Health Finance and Budget Management
MPH 547 Public Health Law and Ethics
MPH 558 Public Health Policy Analysis
MPH 578 Evaluative Approaches in Public Health


III. Other (9-12 credits)

MPH 56x One course from the cultural foundations series numbered 560-569
MPH 596 Field Experience
MPH 599 Master’s Thesis (optional; see below)
Elective (3 credits)


Field Experience

The field experience is a required and integral part of the Bachelor of Community Health (BCH) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degree programs in the NMSU Department of Public Health Sciences. A field experience allows you, the student, the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-world problems and solutions. Placements are made according to your career goals and location preferences. The field experience should occur in your senior year as a BCH student and after the second semester as a MPH student.

Thesis and Non-thesis Options

Thesis. The thesis option is available only to those taking the Community Health Education concentration. Those taking thesis need to enroll in 6 credits of thesis. For students taking the thesis option, the final defense of the thesis project before a committee serves as the student’s final examination

Non-thesis Option. The non-thesis option is available to all students and includes three credits of electives. Elective courses may include other MPH courses or 500-level courses from other departments. Students taking the non-thesis option are required to complete a comprehensive examination consisting of written and oral components. The exam includes three essay questions (5-7 pp. each) completed over a 72 our period.


Students may also elect to complete one of the Department’s two minors:

Course Sequencing

Because we offer a wide range of courses, many in both on-campus and online formats, we require students to adhere to a strict sequencing of courses to ensure timely degree completion. Students should work with their faculty advisors to ensure that they are taking the correct courses in the correct sequence in order to ensure on-time gradation.

Sequence of Courses (CHE, HMAP, PH Certificate)


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