Quotes From Our Students

MCH Home Program Information Course Descriptions Certificate Timeline Student Quotes

Due to the Epidemiology course: “I will be able to gather epi data more effectively with improved knowledge of databases and enhanced skills for collecting, analyzing and interpreting statistical information relating to epidemiology.”

“Through networking and interactions with my cohorts connections have been made to better meet the needs of those I serve through resources sharing.”

Thanks to the Essentials of Public Health course: “When I look at a situation I will ask more questions to ensure that I fully understand it instead of taking it a face value. Things are not always as they appear to be.”

From preparing the Scholarly Paper: “I am also more proficient in my ability to utilize databases that prior to this class I was not aware of, and this strengthens the quality of data I collect to improve /support my program planning. This will make me more effective in targeting where to focus or implement primary prevention activities.”

The Program Planning course: “I will use the research skills I learned to look into the strategies and best practices to enhance guidelines and procedures in my job.”


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