Emergency Fund

Smallwood Current Use Emergency Fund Application Process

The student seeking emergency assistance must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in the NMSU Department of Public Health Sciences.  The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate emergent financial need.

The application process includes the following components be submitted to the Public Health Sciences Department Head.

1)       A detailed student letter describing their emergency situation (please note that these must be professionally formatted and follow Standard American language principles)


Header (to follow the format listed below)

  • Name:
  • Aggie ID:
  • NMSU email:
  • Phone number:
  • Amount requested (up to $500):

Body of the letter should include reason for request.

2)      Letter of support from a Public Health Sciences faculty member documenting the need or emergency

3)      A current (within the last few weeks) NMSU account balance summary from University Accounts Receivable along with a letter from the Assistant Director of Accounts Receivable  providing student’s official account balance

4)      An official copy of the student’s class schedule and cumulative GPA

The student must schedule an appointment with the Public Health Sciences Department Head to review and discuss their situation after they’ve assembled their application packet.

After these documents are obtained by the Department of Public Health Sciences, they are to be reviewed by a committee in the Department of Public Health and Social Services comprised of a Public Health Sciences advisor, Public Health Sciences Department Head, and one member of the Dean’s staff.

If approved the student is able to receive up to $500.00 per occurrence.  The student will be notified by the Alumni Coordinator regarding the outcome of their application.

Recipients of the scholarship will be required to write a hand-written thank you letter addressed to the donor(s), approved by the Alumni Coordinator, and submit a photo in professional attire.  Recipients will also be required to attend the annual scholarship reception that takes place during the fall semester of each year.

Questions may be emailed to Courtney Lopez: cklopez@nmsu.edu

Carol Smallwood  graduated with a Bachelors in Community Health in 1982 .  Ms. Smallwood is Vice President of Claims & Customer Service Subsidized Exchange at BlueCross/BlueShield of Arizona.  She serves as chair  the College’s advisory Board, created a scholarship to honor her mentor, Dr. John B. Savage, and recently created the Smallwood Emergency Fund for students in need of additional support and who might otherwise drop out of school.  Carol  has been a Strong supporter and valued friend of the College and the Public Health program here at NMSU.  She was awarded the college alum of the year in 1988.


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