Graduate Public Health Certificate

The PH Certificate is offered in two formats:

1. Online. This 15-hour program requires 4 courses, with the fifth being an elective (chosen between you and your advisor).

2. On-campus. This 15-hour program requires 4 courses, with the fifth being an elective (chosen between you and your advisor).   Students admitted to the On-Campus Graduate Certificate in Public Health MUST complete these courses on-campus (through M01 sections).

Upon completion of both the online and on-campus Graduate Certificate, students can apply for the full MPH program.  All certificate courses can then be transferred in (transfer of courses are dependent upon a number of factors including the grade received and when the course was completed).

Program of Study

The proposed certificate program will include 5 courses worth a total of 15-credit hours offered in both an online and on-campus format. The courses included in the certificate program and brief descriptions of the courses are listed below:

MPH 5110 – Community and Psychosocial Aspects of Public Health (3.0 Credit Hours):  Focuses on the social, behavioral, and educational aspects of diseases prevention and health promotion programs.

MPH 5130 – Epidemiological Approaches to Diseases Control and Prevention (3.0 Credit Hours):  Addresses the basic epidemiological principles applicable to infectious and non-infectious diseases and highlights descriptive techniques and analytic designs, and application of statistical and epidemiological investigational methods.

MPH 5140 – Health Services Systems:  Administration and Organization (3.0 Credit Hours):  Focuses on using a systems approach to identify and analyze factors and interrelationships that influence the operation of health services organizations.  Specific attention will be given to administrative structures and operations, finance and quality among public health departments, hospitals, multi-institutional systems, integrated health systems, and strategic alliances.

MPH 5150 – Environmental Public Health Issues (3.0 Credit Hours):  Examines environmental health issues from a public health perspective and additionally highlights the relevance of environmental health issues in rural and border communities.

An elective course– Students in the certificate program will be required to complete a three-credit elective.  If applicants do not have any previous statistics background, it is strongly encouraged that their elective consists of MPH 5120 Biostatistical Applications in Public Health.  For those with a statistics background, the program strongly suggests that the elective consists of one of the 3.0 credit hour-cultural foundation courses (MPH 5260-5670).  Each of these courses highlights specific public health issues. With consultation of their public health advisor, another public health course could be substituted for the courses above.

Elective courses* (all are three-credit courses):

  • MPH 5120 Biostatistical Applications in Public Health
  • MPH 5670 American Indian Health
  • MPH 5610 Health Disparities:  Determinants and Interventions
  • MPH 5662 Hispanic Health Issues
  • MPH 5630 International Health Problems
  • MPH 5635 International Health Practicum
  • MPH 5640 Rural Health Issues
  • MPH 5650 Coping with Loss and Grief:  A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • MPH 5660 US-Mexico Border Health Issues
  • MPH 5260 Research and Resources in Community Health

* Not all courses are offered on a regular basis.  Be sure to check with your assigned Public Health advisor.

* Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and the completion rates of students who attend this program can be found on the following Gainful Employment Disclosure.

Application Process and Requirements for Admissions

All MPH and PH Certificate applicants must use the NMSU online admissions portal.

Incoming students are required to meet the following admission requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute of higher education with at least a 3.0 minimum GPA.
  • Official transcripts for each university attended to Admissions and to the department.
  • Three references with at least one from a former faculty, the others from employers, and/or colleagues.
  • A personal statement covering academic background and career goals.

international students are required to first contact the International Student and Scholar Services office before proceeding with the application and admissions process.

TOEFL or IELTS score must be submitted and a minimum score must be met before an admission decision can be rendered. Requirements can be found here.


  • MPH On-campus – November 15 and February 15
  • MPH Online – January 15 and March 15
  • PH Certificate – March 15

For specific information on the details of the certificate, contact Leah Henderson via email or phone (575)646-6714.