Giving to Public Health Sciences

State support for higher education has dropped considerably over the past 20 years.  In order to provide the needed services to students, more universities are relying on gifts.  Alumni of the program are important individuals because they often have a passion, respect, and loyalty of the program from which they graduated.  The Department of Public Health Sciences is asking for your assistance in helping us to continue helping our students.  We encourage you to consider joining the Aggie Century Club (efforts to help those public health students in our program).  The Department of Public Health Sciences has 100% compliance from our full-time faculty and staff in giving to our student travel.

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Charter Membership

  1. Warren Cox, MS, MPH
  2. Christopher Ledingham, PhD
  3. Martha L. Morales
  4. James Robinson, III EdD
  5. Bruce M. Ragon, PhD
  6. Jo Hill, MS
  7. Susan Cardenas, PhD
  8. Satya Rao, PhD
  9. Sue Forster-Cox, PhD
  10. Thomas Ruiz, MS
  11. John & Mary Ellen Kutinac

Make your checks out to ‘NMSU Foundation’
Go to and  type in “Student Membership” and a fund titled “Student Membership and Travel Support” will appear