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Field Experience Manual

Field Experience Summary

If you are working towards your BPH or MPH, you must complete a Field Experience.

For MPH students, this includes those completing the degree face-to-face or online, as well as those seeking the dual degrees of Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work.

Undergraduate students pursuing the BPH degree register for PHLS 4998 (6 credit hours). BPH students complete 250 hours of Field Experience during this 6-credit course (190 hours for BPH students who completed the Service Learning Experience as part of the AAS degree in public health from DACC).

Graduate students pursuing the MPH in either of the concentrations (Health Behavior and Health Promotion [HBHP: formerly Community Health Education] or Health Management, Administration and Policy [HMAP]) register for MPH 5998 (three credit hours). MPH students complete 160 hours of Field Experience during this 3-credit course.

We are here to support you and help you find a Field Experience site where you’ll gain meaningful public health experience. Please contact Isabel Latz, the Field Experience Coordinator in the beginning of the semester prior to the semester in which you are planning to do your Field Experience. Dr. Latz can connect you with one of our many partner agencies, share exciting opportunities, and help you identify a Field Experience site that meets your needs and professional goals. In some cases, students already know where they are planning to do their Field Experience which is fine too (e.g., with their employer or for a research project by a Faculty member). We will be working with all our students and preceptors on a case-by-case basis to develop a Field Experience that is meaningful to you.

A field experience allows you the opportunity to apply classroom learning to actual public health problems and solutions. You are encouraged to seek creative field experience placements that allow you to apply skills you have acquired in the classroom setting, to assist a group or community with a public health/education issue, and to promote personal and professional growth. Sites may be at local, regional, national, or international organizations or facilities. To get started with finding a Field Experience site:

  • Contact the Field Experience Coordinator to discuss your interests and identify possible sites
  • Develop goals for your Field Experience in collaboration with your site preceptor and the Field Experience Coordinator
  • Register for PHLS 4998 (6 credit hours) or MPH 5998 (3 credit hours) – the Field Experience Coordinator will assist you with registration once your site and goals are approved



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Dr. Isabel Latz
Coordinator of Field Experience