Welcome to the Department of PHS!

We are so pleased you are thinking about a public health career and the possibility of earning a degree from one of our nationally accredited programs. Public health professionals have different emphases depending on our settings and roles, but our goals remain focused. We seek to help communities and populations have the health and social outcomes they want. Our Code of Ethics says it best, calling public health a "practical and multidisciplinary activity"; if you read a little more, you'll come upon the idea of human flourishing, which is a source of never-ending fascination for me as a public health academic. When I think of what we do in our widely varied field, I always come back to that - we work to help people flourish. 

Our faculty are extraordinary scholars, whose research engages the complex issues and strategies of contemporary public health. PHS faculty members also bring superb talent and focus to their teaching. They challenge and support both undergraduate and graduate students to connect with important and unique content; as you work with our faculty, you will develop your sense of who you are, and who you’ll become, in our field.

We invite you to reach out to us as individual faculty members, so you can learn personally about our perspectives, our research, and our teaching approaches. To set an appointment to visit with one of us, please email PHS@nmsu.edu. We look forward to talking with you as you begin exploring the many ways public health content, roles, and settings can be a part of your academic journey and your future life as a professional and community member.

Our place in HEST: Public Health Sciences faculty, staff, and students engage every day in the work of social change for the good of society. In short, we live the definition of social transformation as part of the College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation. Again, welcome!

Becky Pearson