Course Descriptions

Essentials of Public Health

This course focuses on understanding the critical role of public health today and teaches participants how to make a public health impact through their work. The course will include multi-media content covering the history of public health, the public health system, tools for public health practice, and an exploration of the determinants of health. The course will discuss key federal legislation which is at the core of MCH efforts, including the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program and related programs. A scholarly paper on an MCH issue will be completed in this course, with instruction on the fundamental concepts and techniques of writing a research paper.


This course provides students with basic epidemiologic background and methods to analyze and interpret disease occurrence in populations. It includes the epidemiologic approach to community assessment, surveillance, problem solving, disease prevention, and health promotion in public health settings.

Professional Practice

Course participants will obtain knowledge, practical skills and tools that they can use immediately to conduct health assessments, develop proposals, make presentations and submit applications. Professional skills and projects to be covered include: community windshield surveys, poster presentations, policy briefs, and proposal writing. The course will also include professional and academic application writing such as: resumes, CVs, letters of recommendation and personal statements.

Leadership and Management

This course provides students with both skills and a working knowledge of healthcare management and facilitates the ability to translate the application of leadership, ethics and management principles to the work environment. The course provides guidance for healthcare managers and leaders in situations that include: impaired professionals, gender discrimination, workforce reduction, mergers, diversity management, disaster planning, and medical errors. Based on real case studies, this course guides professionals in making principled decisions in light of challenging management dilemmas and conflicting moral demands.