Program Information

Important Information

Students will take one course per semester (Spring and Fall) during the two-year program. Students will receive a stipend each semester to use for tuition, travel and course costs. Spring and Fall semester courses will include one in-person working meeting in Albuquerque. Class content will be delivered online. In-person Albuquerque course meetings are mandatory, will occur at the beginning of the semester, and will require two days for each meeting. The certificate will include a written research paper based on an emerging MCH issue in New Mexico. Courses will receive graduate academic credit.

By submitting my application, I understand the information, technological needs that are required to participate in the training institute, and agree to the following:

Time commitment:

Make the necessary time commitments to attend the orientation, classes and related events in Albuquerque or other locations in New Mexico and complete online class work, discussions and homework. Students must attend a two day workshop in Albuquerque at the beginning of each Spring and Fall semester.

Attendance and participation:

In order to be admitted into the program, the prospective student must be eligible for non-degree status at the University of New Mexico. Details can be found at:

The student must be accepted as a non-degree student prior to starting the first course of the certificate program.

Regular attendance and participation is expected and required in the in-person and online meetings and classes. Tardiness and early departures are not advised. For the weeks when the class does not meet in-person, it is essential that all students participate in the online exercises, discussions, and related activities.

It is expected that each student is prepared for class by reading assignments, conducting research, preparing papers and related assignments. The student should devote a minimum of 8-9 hours/week, outside of regular course meetings and attendance, for homework and to study for exams.


Students in good standing will receive a stipend each semester for the duration of the four semester certificate program. The stipends are to be used for travel to kick-off course days, course fees, course costs and other related costs. Out-of-state students will receive the same amount as in-state students, but will need to pay out-of-state tuition. Stipend amounts are subject to availability and grant funding.

Student computer & related technological needs and responsibilities:

Students technological needs include the following:

• A working computer at all times (or access to one via work, family, etc.)

• Internet access

• Ability to browse Internet and send/receive email

• Computer speakers and microphone (ideal, but not required)

• A webcam (optional, yet nice to have)

• Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free at

• PowerPoint is recommended

Areas of the agreement/application to address:

• Students must maintain a B or better in the courses to remain in program

• Students must adhere to the UNM Student Code of Conduct (, UNM Health Sciences Center Code of Ethics

( and the UNM Academic Integrity Policy(

• Stipend will cover the course fees, course costs and other related costs.

Possible reasons to be dismissed from the Program:

• Students who do not remain in good standing with the MCH Graduate Certificate in Public Health Program and

the University of New Mexico.

• Not attending and/or missing required face to face and related meetings, classes or orientations.